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1. It is one of the most common elements of age.

2. It is a great way to give older people the help they need.

3. Identify if the statement is True or False: Seniors often take longer to make decisions, understand requests and respond their interaction should be met with frustration or annoyance.

4. If one encounters an irate consumer or contact person. How will you handle them?

5. It is one of the greatest annoyances in all of customer service.

6. It's a fairly common pet peeve of seniors to feel like they're being patronized or belittled. When interacting with employees who are younger than them.

7. Fill in the blank with the correct answer to the statement: Many ________ are lonely. They don't necessarily mean to talk excessively or share story after story while discussing matters of business, but when they don't have many people at home they often can't help it.

8. Fill in the blanks with the correct answer to the statement: Avoid ______ their stories.

9. Which of the following statement is a principle of improving customer service for the elderly customers?

10. Identify which among the statement is True?

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