Call Tag is a process for which CSRs needs to doa return using UPS website. To set up a return of shipment request from the consumer’s home address going back to the shipper’s address.

How would we know if packages are for calltag?

  • If consumer request for an item but we unintentionally sent a wrong item
  • If a consumer receives items that are not for them (wrong delivery)

How can we say if a call tag needs to be processed?

  • If a consumer called in and they received incorrect packages
  • If the packages are within 14-days (2weeks)
  • If the package for call tag has a total weights of 20 lbs or 1 case of our products.


  • If a call tag is not necessary.
  • Items less than 1 case (4 bags pads – 1 opened bag of pad= 3 bags) X
  • Do not have any box
  • More than 2 weeks

To Do Call Tag:

Go to https://www.ups.com/us/en/Home.page

  1. Log In Using User name and Password Provided. (Ask Administrator)
  2. Go to Shipping Tab then click on Create A Return
  • Create Return Form will pop-up. Fill-out the form. The information with * are the one necessary to complete.
  • Where is the return shipment coming from? – This is where UPS will pick up supplies ?
  • Where is this return shipment going to? This is where the items go back. This is most of the time, our address. – #10 Poulson Ave. Essington, PA 19029
  • What are you returning?
    • Packaging Type: Other Packaging
    • Package Desired Value – Blank
    • Merchandise Description- Medical Supply Inc
  • How would you like to return?
    • Service- UPS Ground Service
    • Label Delivery Method- 3 Delivery Attempts
  • Would you like to add reference numbers to this return shipment?
    • Reference #1- Customer ID
    • Reference #2- Order ID of the order last shipped that we will pick up.
  • How would you like to pay?
    • Payment Method for Shipping Charges- 8145w Medical Supply Inc
    • Associate a Shipper’s UPS Account- Medical Supply Inc
  • Click NEXT

Lastly, once everything is checked and the review form are all correct, click SHIPNOW to continue with the Call Tag Request. Do not forget to know on the consumer’s account.