CHCCommunity HealthChoices managed care organization; These are
the health insurance plans that will be responsible for the physical
health care and LTSS of their enrolled participants
COMMONWEALTHAn independent country or community, especially democratic republic.
COMMUNITY OF CAREis the sharing, coordination and integration of medical information
among different providers to support patient care across multiple points in time and multiple care settings. This process is a vital component of
patient care quality.

DHSThe state Department of Human Services (formerly known as the
Department of Public Welfare.
FEE-FOR-SERVICEis a payment model where services are unbundled and paid for
separately. In healthcare, it gives an incentive for physicians to provide more treatments because payment is dependent on the quantity of care,
rather than quality of care.
HCBShome and community based services (also called waiver services).
INDEPENDENT ENROLLMENT BROKER (IEB)Independent Enrollment Broker; An agency hired by the sate to help
people with the eligibility and enrollment process for CHC, HCBS
and nursing homes.
LTSSLong term services and supports; Services and supports to assist
individuals to perform routine daily activities such as bathing, dressing,
preparing meals and taking medications.
MANAGED CARE PROGRAMManaged care plans are a type of health insurance. They have
contracts with healthcare providers and medical facilities to provide
care for members at reduced costs. These providers make up the plan’s
MLTSSManaged Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) refers to the
delivery of long term services and supports through capitated Medicaid managed care programs.
For many individuals with disabilities, personal assistance services (PAS)
help make employment possible. Some people use PAS to carry out
activities night include getting up and ready for work, bathing, dressing,
cooking, cleaning or running errands.

WAIVERThe way in which the federal government, waiving federal rules, allows states to provide Medicaid-Funded services to people residing in the community who would otherwise be an institute or nursing home to receive
long-term goal.