AGENT: Hello.This is ___________________ from MSI/MEDICAL SUPPLY INC. I am looking for (Name of Cons or ECP if cons is not able to speak.) Hello. We would just like to check if you are aware of the Community Health Choices Program that will implemented in your area by January of 2020.

If the cons or ECP says YES, ask if they have made a decision already of which MCO they will be choosing and how far along they are into the transition.

AGENT: That’s great! We are going to give you a call before December ends. We would need to get your MEMBER ID NUMBER or SUBSCRIBER NUMBER so we can update our records.

If the cons or ECP says NO, ask if they are familiar with CHC and ask them if you van take a bit of their time to explain why we are calling them about it.

**If the cons or ECP allows you to discuss CHC with them:

AGENT: The Community Health Choices Program is Health Program that allows Pennsylvanians to get better coordination with their Medicare and Medicaid Benefits without having to change coverage benefits. Dual eligible individuals qualify for the program, straight waiver recipients qualify for the program as well. We are calling you to let you know that it is important for you to make a choice as soon as you have considered your needs and be able to match it with an MCO under CHC. This would allow both of us to prepare for the changes that CHC will bring. If you would like to know more about CHC you visit their website at or you can call their participant hotline 833-735-4416. This month of July 2019 you might receive a letter from the Department of Human Services. It will be an introduction to CHC Phase 3. I suggest that you read it and if you have any questions, you can always call us back for more information.

** If the cons or ECP does not allow you to discuss CHC with them:

AGENT: I am sorry to call you while your busy. May I just suggest that you visit the website of CHC at or call this number for future reference 833-735-4416. In the next coming weeks you will be receiving information packets from the State. We hope you’ll take some time to read it.