As CSRs we have our main tool. This program will let us see the consumer’s account. It will enable us to search for a consumer, add orders and so much more.

This is the main page of CSR WORKSTATION.

For the log ins, please ask the administrator.


  • VIEW CONSUMER – This is where the consumer’s profile is displayed.

To view a customer profile, CSR will enter the customer ID on the CUST ID SECTION usually starts in #9000

  1. GO TO CUSTOMER – This button is like an ENTER FUNCTION and can also serve as a REFRESH BUTTON
  2. RESET SCREEN – This will reset the whole page, removing the current displayed profile.
  3. EDIT CUSTOMER – This button enables the CSR to do changes about the consumer’s basic information such as address, birthday and phone number.
  4. CUSTOMER CONTACT INFO.CSRs normally do not use this button.
  5. UPDATE HOLD CODE (Dropdown menu) – This will show you the possible reasons of stopping of consumer’s order.
  6. FO NOTE – A blank text box where CSRs see the latest reason why the consumer was contacted.
  7. PHYSICIAN (Dropdown menu)– This is where all physicians ID numbers are displayed. There is a different page where CSRs can see MSI’s list of physician.
  8. SAVE CUST PHYSICIAN – A button to view the CSRs need to hit to save the updated Physician ID Number.
  9. EDIT PHYSICIAN INFO. – A button to view the Physician’s basic information such as full name, phone and fax number and also the medical license number.
  10. CARE MANAGER ID (Dropdown menu) – This is where all care manager ID numbers are displayed. There is a different page where CSRs can see MSI’s list of care managers.
  • CUSTOMER SEARCH – This is where you can look for a customer ID number. CSR can search for a customer’s name by putting the 1st three letters of the first name and last name, or by entering the consumer’s phone number or the consumer’s date of birth.
  • GO TO FO – FO stands for FUTURE ORDER. This is where the consumer’s order are. On this page CSRs can edit the consumer’s order. update the insurance and change the FO NOTE.
  • RECORD PHONE CONTACT – This is the button we use everytime we do something on an account. This is where CSRs save notes.
  • RECENT ORDERS – This is where you can view the previous orders for consumer.
    • CSRs can check here the previous order sent consumer.
    • CSRs can track the orders sent to the consumer to know its status.
  • VIEW RX – Displays the scripts of the consumer. CSRs can view the RX items, quantity, validity of RX and the status of it.
  • VIEW AOB – This is where CSRs can check if the consumer sent us the consent form that will allow MSI to bill the consumer’s insurance.
  • MANUAL CERTIFY ELIGIBILITY – This button will allow CSRs to view the current insurance information such as recipient number, effective and termination dae for a consumer.
  • DOCTOR’S REPORT – This is the form where we can view the list of all doctor’s name that we have.
    • To check if a doctor is in the list, CSRs should sort the last name or first name. CSRs may see a lot of identical doctor’s name listed, but different office location, phone or fax number.
    • If a doctor is not in the list, ask a manager to add a doctor with these information:
      • FULL NAME
      • FAX NUMBER
      • ADDRESS (including the suite number if applicable)


  • Acceptable doctor for Pennsylvania should be LICENSED MEDICAL DOCTOR that is REGISTERED with MEDICAID.
  • Physician Assistant. Certified Nurse Practitioner, Doctor can sign prescription for Illinois, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio Consumer
  • FUTURE ORDER PROCESSING – This is where a designated CSR can pull up a certain list consumers. Displayed in this page are MSI’s insurance plan ID and the insurance’s corresponding name. Just input a valid FROM and TO date then HIT SELECT ALL and LOAD ORDERS, then it will show a list of consumers that needs to be contracted.
  • Other buttons not set up yet.