VOLUNTARY. An hourly employee is expected to provide a minimum of 30 days’ notice prior to actual date of termination to his/her Manager/Supervisor. Managers and supervisors are expected to give 60 day notice prior to actual date of termination. Prior to departure, the Manager/Supervisor may provide the employee an opportunity for an exit interview. Failure to provide adequate notice will result in ineligibility for rehire, and loss of vacation and sick pay, and may result in having your last pay check withheld. Failure to give 30 day notice is a violation of employment law and MSI will seek to recoup damages from any employee that does not give adequate notice.

DISCHARGE.MSI retains the right to discharge its employees with cause according to law. However, you would not normally be discharged except for your inability to meet the requirements of your job or because of misconduct or violation of MSI rules.

Final Pay

Your final pay will be given in a form of cash, after you have made your clearance.

Employees who fail to give 30 day notice of voluntary resignation as required by law are not eligible for final pay unless damages are paid by the offending employee to MSI for failure of notice.

Employees who gives a 30 day notice (60 days for management) will be given a final pay including in any, prorated 13th month pay, and his/her days worked in the company.

Final pay is usually given within a month after an employee’s final day in the company.

Score Card

Below is how a score card looks like.

The following are the criteria on the score card that are usually affecting the employees score:

  1. No Call No Show. An employee who fails to notify his/her supervisor before the start of shift of his/her absence, regardless of reason, will automatically be deducted 100% on his/her score card.
  2. Absences or call outs are categorized into 2, namely unexcused and excused. Unexcused Absences are absences in which an employee did not file a 2-week notice to the management unless it is a sick leave with proper documentation (Medical Certificate), only then will it be categorized as Excused Absence. Unexcused Absence corresponds to a 15% deduction on incentive every day that an employee is absent except on his/her rest day. Excused Absence is a 10% deduction on incentive as indicated on the days on his/her medical certificate.
  3. Time Card Errors. An employee with repeated errors on his/her time card will be deducted of up to 5% on his/her score card. Each employee can have 2 time card errors per month. These time card errors refer to human error like taking in break instead of clocking out for lunch and such whereas computer errors are different. Anything beyond 2 human errors is 5% off your score card.
  4. Tardiness and Undertime. Tardiness and Undertime is 5% deduction on incentive for every occurrence. If an employee is both late and will take an undertime in one day, both will take up 5% off on his/her incentive.
  5. Others under Performance. This refers to Saturday hours or work done on an employees’ scheduled rest day. Full time employees get 8 hours daily pay, night differential pay for work done between 10 pm to 6 am Manila time, and an additional 5% on incentive if it’s voluntary, and 10% if it’s mandatory as decided by the management. If an employee is absent on the next work day, the additional percent on incentive will not be given. Part Time employees who worked 8 hrs will be given the same with full time employees, however, if a part time employee works less than 8 hours, he/she must inform the management in advance on the hours he will work. If he/she works 4 hours up to 7 hours, he/she will be given an additional 3% on incentive.

If an employee will take a leave for a long period of time, his/her salary will be computed on a prorated basis. A leave of absence with a maximum of 5 days in a month does not have any deduction but more than that will be on a prorated basis.

All the other criteria not mentioned will be deducted accordingly as decided by the management.

Performance Reviews

Each employee will receive a review at the end of their contractual period and yearly hereafter by your manager or supervisor based on the following general areas:

  1. Attendance
  2. Attitude
  3. Overall Job Performance
  4. Initiative
  5. Responsibility

Additional employee reviews are conducted about once a year. It may be scheduled in December or twelve months after your last review but most employees’ annual review are conducted every December of each year.

Outside Employment

MSI does not prohibit an employee from seeking other source of income and the like, but it is expected from you to not compromise the Company’s interest and your job performance. You must consider the demands that any additional activity or employment will create. Outside employment, school activities, etc should not be an excuse for poor job performance, absenteeism, tardiness, leaving early, refusal to work overtime or different hours. You are not to conduct any outside activity during your paid working time in MSI.


MSI expects you to maintain a certain level of confidentiality as what we are dealing with Medical Information as well as confidential company information or anything that is confidential in nature. Please respect the trust MSI has placed in you by handling all such information in a careful and discreet manner. Never divulge company or customer information without prior approval from upper management. Contact your manager when you are in doubt about any matters relating to confidentiality of material. Violation of MSI confidentiality may lead to immediate dismissal and legal action.

Safety Rules

MSI makes every effort to make your working environment safe. You will be required to attend training relative to safety on the job as well as identifying and reporting hazardous situations at the patient’s residence. You must promptly report any conditions or practices that appear unsafe to your supervisor. Also report any job-related injuries promptly to ensure proper medical attention and correction of a hazardous condition. You will be informed as to the location of fire exits and fire extinguishers. Learn the location and proper use of other fire fighting equipment in your area, but do not attempt to extinguish a fire unless you have received proper training.

Acceptable Use of Company Resources

Like any other business, information systems and technology is a vital business asset of the company. Proper use and maintenance are the responsibility of both the company and every employee. Inappropriate or unlawful use of computer or network systems can infringe on the right of others and detract from productivity. Users must respect the rights of other users and the integrity of the systems and observe all relevant laws, regulations and contractual obligations, including strict adherence to software licensing agreements and copyright laws. Any intentional conduct that does not comply with this policy may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination, civil or criminal prosecution in accordance with state and federal laws.

  • To ensure the security of our network, and for HIPAA reasons, we are required to monitor access to the systems and track when and how our company system is being used. MSI monitors and records all activities which happen on your computer.You have no assumption of privacy while using MSI computers. All keystrokes are monitored and all activity is traced.
  • Using MSI computers to access the internet for personal reason threatens the information security of MSI, our employees, and our clients/patients. In addition to the risk involve to the parties, using company resources for personal reason is stealing. It reduces productivity and slows down the work of others who are using the network to do work. For these reason and others, you must not access any internet sites that are not directly work related. It is considered a serious breach of security and it is consider theft of computer resources and time. Accessing the internet for personal reasons will be considered misconduct and will be treated as such within MSI’s disciplinary policy. DO NOT shop online, check banking information or view non-MSI emails, or use computer resources for personal business.
  • MSI will maintain a list of authorized web sites that you are permitted to access using MSI work stations. All other access of websites or files is explicitly prohibited. You may make written request to our Compliance Officer to add or delete authorized sites. Written authorization from the Compliance Officer must be received before you may access a site.
  • Use of your personal laptops, cell phones, smart phones, PDA’s, etc., must be limited to times that you are “off the clock”, that is, when on breaks, lunch, before you clock in, or after you clock out.
  • Never use your personal devices for business purposes. Never copy client / patient or any company or work related information to your personal digital or photographic devices.
  • If you have any questions as to this policy please make a written request for clarification regarding a specific web site you would like to access BEFORE accessing using MSI computers. MSI will respond in writing to your inquiry. DO NOT access a web site until you have written authorization. Ignorance of the policy or procedure for personal use of computers is no excuse for violating this policy.
  • Please refrain from saving personal documents and photos on your computer or MSI’s server. These items will be deleted by IT and management without notice. MSI is not responsible for any hardship caused by the deletion of personal items stored on our database.
  • MSI cannot be held reliable if you violate this policy and your personal information is compromised.
  • Personal computer usage should be limited to scheduled breaks on the designated terminals or wireless internet.
  • All work related data should be stored in the user drive on the server and not at your work station.

LOANS TO AND BETWEEN EMPLOYEES. MSI discourages the practice of employees from loaning money to each other. Should you decide to lend or borrow from a colleague in spite of this discouragement, please note that these transactions must be handled outside of MSI and must not affect your work. MSI will not interject in any disputes that arise. Under no circumstances may a manager, team leader, or supervisor ever ask for or loan money to someone that reports to them. MSI has a strict policy against pay advances or other loans to employees or others.

PERSONAL PROPERTY. MSI cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of employees’ personal property. It is unwise to leave such property unattended.

HOUSEKEEPING. MSI aims to promote and maintain not only a safe working environment, but a clean and professional one. Please share this concern by taking pride in the neatness of your working area and general surroundings. The responsibility to maintain a clean work environment is that of all employees. Repetitive failure to maintain a clean environment will result in disciplinary action.