LTNH;LTH X items, should be put on 3 mos FO Date, after 3mos, check eligibility first then call if we can.
HOSPICE X items, FO date 4-6 mos from the date the cons said they are in hospice. Check eligibility once every 4- 6 mos.
STNH, STH X items, FO date 1 mos from the date the cons said they are in STNH. Check eligibility before calling.
Overstocked As Need Basis X items FO Date should be set to monthly to whatever date they want a follow up on. Ex: You want to hold supplies? For how long? (“I’ll contact you MSI if I need it) – auto 3 mos.
HTFN X items if consumer said no longer need supplies that much or wants to hold supplies 6 mos or so..
Plan No Incontinence consumer not incontinent at (but needs to do rephrasing on this hold code)
MCO NON PAR Ane’s tasks- consumer can be a customer given that Ane get us incontract with their MCOs. (just like Molina Health Care)
Ineligible we can service them given that their Medicaid/CHC becomes active. Needs to check all ineligible once a month
Dissatisfied with MSI The consumer was with us before but not happy with our products/ Services
Different Supplier Never tried MSI, we can give samples and let see if they’ll like it.