When you ask for the operator to direct you to the OFFICE MANAGER or HEAD NURSE once you are forwarded to the Manager or the Head Nurse: try to listen to the person’s name once they pick up”

HELLO! (Try to get the person’s name) My name is __________. I am calling form MEDICAL SUPPLY INC. (DELIVER THE FULL NAME NOT MSI), and through MEDICARE and MEDICAID , we provide catheters, wound care and incontinence supplies. We also specialized in difficult to fit patients and would like to share our contact information.



That’s great! We know that you have nurses on staff. Do you provide your nurses with catheters and wound car supplies? (WAIT FOR THEM TO ANSWER). We at MSI, can provide you with information packet. we would like to manage their own catheter care. We can send newsletter and information packet. We would like to send a box of samples so you can measure the quality of products we supply.

[PAUSE… this is your cue to get the email address and physical address]

[I would like to get your email address so I can send you copy of information packet and newsletter. Also, what’s your delivery address?]


At MSI, we know that the home health aides work closely to the patients. Some of our patients right now are able to use good quality products through Medicare and Medicaid when their aides are able to show them how they benefit from it. We ask that you share our information for patients that may have a special needs. Could you tell me what supplies are the most in the demand? We can send samples to help provide a better home environment patients.

[I would like yo get your email address so I can send you a copy of information packet and newsletter. Also, what is your delivery address?]


You will be receiving an email by the end of the day on some information about our company’s products and services. You will probably receive your box of samples within 3 weeks. Thank you very much for your time.

VOICEMAIL: Hello! My name is _________. I am calling you from Medical Supply Inc. I am calling because we would like to send you some information about our company and eventually send you a box of sample products. We are providers of incontinence supplies, Wound Care products and Catheters through Medicare and Medicaid. You can call me back at 1(800)-777-6647 ext. (___). Thank you . Have great day!