• Customers in the Promise database each have an individual customer record. This customer record contains much of the information we need to successfully manage their order requests, payment history, shipping and tracking information.
  • All of this starts with the “Customer” field on the Main Form Screen in Promise:


  • Valid Rx for all items ordered
  • Proper Service Order (if applicable)
  • Eligibility & Insurance Verifications
  • Pre-Authorizations from insurances (if needed)
  • A returned and signed Consent Form/Assignment of Benefits (AOB)
    • AOB’s are added into the initial order that consumers receive from MSI. The consent form MUST BE ON FILE before any further orders are sent.

1. For all Medical Assistance customers, (Waiver & Auto are processed differently) check eligibility on applicable websites.
2. Read “Special Instructions” to make sure there are no changes to the order.
3. Verify that the prescriptions are current in the RX field and fax for updated scripts, if needed.
4. Select the “Future Order” icon shown in the picture below to bring up the Future Order Table.

5. Medical Assistance will only cover an order every 31 days.
6. Always verify that there is a date in the “Order/Ship Date” area (located in the picture below):

7. The boxes at the top of the screen represent all of the criteria that must be met before an order can ship out of our warehouse. These area’s should never be red; in the event that they are representatives must correct each issue before moving to the next step.
8.To create an order all of the following information (located in the middle of the Future Order’s Table) must be entered or verified into our system for EACH item the consumer is requesting:

  • Detail Price Code:
    • Enter the price code of the insurance that will pay for the supplies (PA/MA, DEL, etc.)
    • If the consumer has an HMA or an insurance that requires prior authorization that price code should be entered into the order (UHC-DE, DPC-DE, etc.)
    • If unsure, representatives should ask for assistance.
  • Product ID
    • Enter the Product ID of the requested items into the order. Make sure it is the current ID available.
    • Representatives should read the notes (in case the consumer has a sample selection), or reference their product lists to see which item should be entered into the system.
  • How Sold
    • Select how the requested items will be sent in this order (bag, case, box, etc.)
    • Reference the product lists for bag counts and case counts of each product.
    • Bag count is the preferred way of entering the information in this section.
    • Select box when sending out gloves and some Waiver items.
  • Quantity
    • Enter the applicable quantity (bag count, case count, etc.) for the requested item.
    • As this information is entered, the system calculates the units for representatives on the line directly under the “How Sold” and Auto Item” columns.
    • Representatives should NEVER send out a quantity on an item that is not covered with a prescription. Medical Supply Inc. can only send an amount that we have a prescription for. Sending less than what the prescription for is acceptable, but never more.
  • Auto Item
    • Select Y for YES, N for NO, or X for HOLD.
    • Most consumers are going to be on “Y”, on an automatic basis
    • Consumers who are on as need basis will be on “X”
    • “X” is used when the consumer wants certain items on hold.
  • Days to Next Order
    • Enter the number of days in the consumers rotation in this area.
    • The question of “How often will this consumer be receiving product?” should be answered in this section.
    • Some consumers receive their orders every 31 days, some receive them every other month, etc.
  • Reminder Date
    • After entering each requested product representatives MUST verify that the reminder dates are all match. After the order is processed, these dates should change to dates in the future.