Setup Guide For Production
Feb 3, 2019 Version 1.0

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IT Department

  1. To create Mapping for VPNShared file server go to run and type \\I.P. Address and hit ENTER.
Figure 1

2. You will see new open window indicated the I.P. Address of the Fileserver and VPNShared folder.

Figure 2

3. Double click the VPNShared folder > IT > Installers > Windows > NewsComputerSoftware and locate VPNShared_Mapping_drive.bat file.

Figure 3

4. Double click the VPNShared_Mapping_drive.bat and hit Run Button.

Figure 4

5. After hitting the Run Button Go to File explorer indicated in Figure 5.

Figure 5

6. Double clicking This PC computer will see VPNShared file folder is already Map in your workstation.

Figure 6

7. By double clicking the VPNShared mapping you can directly access the VPNShared folder.

Figure 7