Status Codes Description

IB-Go Initial Billing – Go/ Send new billing
IB-MDN Initial Billing Medicare Denial Needed/ Wait for Medicare Denial
IB-RDN Initial Billing R ins type Denial Needed / Wait for Medicare Types Denial
IB-3DN Initial Billing 3ins type Denial Needed/ Wait for Medicare MCO Denial
IB-ADN Initial Billing All Denials Needed
IB-NA* Initial Billing Not applicable/Never Bill
IB-BT Initial Billing – Billing Table/ Call Mike if billing is not in progress
IB-WT Initial Billing – Wait/Waiting for Insurance Companies Billing
IB-CP Initial Billing- Complete/ most likely paid
IB-AN Initial Billing- Attention Needed/ Something is wrong with the billing
IB-SWO Initial Billing – Suggest Write Off/Suggest to write off
IB-WO Initial Billing – Wrote Off / Wrote Off
IB-NW Re-bill New – Used to resend claim with no ICN
IB-RJ Initial Billing- Rejected/ Most likely demographic or Phys issue. Rejected before entering Ins Co system
RB-Go Re-Bill-Go/ Re-bill claim with ICN
RB-BT Re-Bill – Billing Table/Waiting in our Billing. Call Mike if billing is currently running
RB-WT Re-Bill Wait/Waiting for Insurance Cos Billing
RB-CP Re-Bill Complete – most likely paid
RB-AN Re-Bill – Attention Needed / Claim issue after re-billing
RB-SWO Re-bill – Suggest Write Off/ Suggested Write off
RB-WO Re-bill – Wrote Off / Suggested Write Off
RB-NW Re-Bill – New-Rebill claim with NO ICN
RB RJ Re-Bill – Rejected / Most likely demographic or Phys issue. Rejected before entering Inc Co system
DN-CP Denied-Complete / Good Denial Found
NP-AN No Payment – Attention Needed
PP-AN Partial Payment – Attention Needed
OP-AN Over Payment – Attention Needed
PP-CP Partial Paid Complete – balance is patient’s responsibility
VD-Go Void-Go / Send to Void Claim
VD-BT Void Billing Table- Waiting in our Billing
VD-WT Void Wait- Waiting for Insurance Cos billing
VD-AN Void Attention Needed – problem review order
FP-CP Fully Paid – Complete