Voluntary: An employee is expected to provide a minimum of two weeks notice prior to actual date of termination to his/her Manager/Supervisor. Prior to departure, the Manager/Supervisor may provide the employee an opportunity for an exit interview. Failure to provide two weeks notice will result in ineligibility for rehire, and loss of vacation and sick pay.

Discharge: MSI retains the right to discharge its employees with or without cause. However, you would not normally be discharged except for your inability to meet the requirements of your job or because of misconduct or violation of MSI rules.


Personal Leave: Personal leaves without pay are discouraged. However, they may be granted at the discretion of the manager under exceptional circumstances. The manager will review and act upon the following factors:

  1. The purpose for which the leave is requested.
  2. The length of time the employee will be on leave.
  3. The effect the leave will have on the ability of the department to carry out its responsibilities.
  4. The employee’s position and length of service.

Previously accumulated benefits, during leaves of this nature, will not be lost, but will not accumulate during the leave period. When a personal leave of absence under this provision is granted for a specific period of not more than one (1) month, the employee shall be entitled, at the timely termination of such leave, to be reinstated at the same level and type of
position the employee held at the time the leave was granted. When the leave is granted for more than one (1) month, the employee is reinstated only if and when employment is available at the same level and type of position previously held, or at the employees option, at such other position and level at which an opening may be available. In no event does leave of
absence time accrue toward increased benefits, such as, but not limited to sick leave or vacations.

Funeral Leave: MSI regrets that it cannot pay compensation for the bereavement time. However, up to one (1) week unpaid leave is available where a death in the immediate family or spouse’s immediate family makes such time off necessary.

Jury Duty: MSI regrets that it cannot pay compensation for the difference between an employee’s straight time pay and the jury fee paid by the Court. However, a personal leave will be granted for jury duty.

You may be required to handle material of a confidential nature. In general, you should treat, as confidential, anything that is not common knowledge, or has not been published. Please respect the trust MSI has placed in you by handling all such information in a careful and discrete manner. Never divulge company or customer information without prior written approval from upper management. Contact your manager when you are in doubt about any matters relating to confidentiality of material. Violation of MSI confidentiality may lead to immediate dis missal and legal action.

MSI makes every effort to make your working environment safe. You will be required to attend training relative to safety on the job as well as identifying and reporting hazardous situations at the patient’s residence . You must promptly report any conditions or practices that appear unsafe to your supervisor. Also report any job related injuries promptly to ensure proper medical attention and correction of a hazardous condition. You will be informed as to the location of fire exits and fire extinguishers. Learn the location and proper use of other firefighting equipment in your area, but do not attempt to extinguish a fire unless you have received proper training.

Workmen’s Compensation: If an injury or illness is incurred as a result of your employment, you are entitled to receive benefits under the State Workman’s Compensation Law. All work related injuries must be reported to your Manager/Supervisor IMMEDIATELY. If an incidence occurs, YOU MUST VISIT AN APPROVED OCCUPATIONAL DOCTOR AS POSTED in MSI’s office. HBV INOCULATION
Per OSHA requirements, MSI shall make hepatitis B virus (HBV) inoculations available, at MSI expense, to all employees who may be subject to occupational exposure. The program is optional, and m ust be accepted or declined in writing. Any recommended boosters shall also be provided at MSI expense. Currently, MSI has no employees that have direct patient
contact and therefore your occupation at MSI poses minimal risk for occupational exposure to HBV.

Dress Code: Office personnel are asked to dress in a neat, at least business casual manner as it enhances the professionalism in the work environment. Safe shoes are mandatory and are the responsibility of each employee. Flip flops are not allowed because of safety issues.

Cell Phones:

  • Cell phones must be placed on vibrate during the work day. Only exception is MSI issued cell phones which are used for work purposes.
  • Personal calls, except true emergencies, are to be lim ited to scheduled breaks and/or lunchtimes. If you need to take or make a personal call during any other time, you must have your manager’s permission and clock out if it is not your break time.
  • Cell Phones may not be used at your desk for personal calls. Get up, clock out, and leave the work area to minimize the disruption to other employees. Clocking out is the key. Pretending to go to the bathroom, then sitting in there on your cell phone is not acceptable.
  • We understand that at times you may need to pl ace a call to check to see that children and family are ok, to make sure someone got home from school, etc. In these situations, calls must be minimal and of short duration, and done while clocked out or on break. Use of MSI phones for outgoing personal c alls is forbidden. Please use your cell phone as described above.


  • To ensure the security of our network, and for HIPAA reasons, we are required to monitor access to the systems and track when and how our computer system is being used.
  • Please be advised that MSI does MONITOR AN D RECORD all activity which happens on your computer. You have no assumption of privacy while using MSI’s computers . All keystrokes are monitored and all activity is traced.
  • Using MSI computers to access the internet for personal reason threatens the info rmation security of MSI, our employees and our clients/patients. In addition to putting our clients/patients, our company, and your co workers at risk; using company resources for personal reasons is stealing. It reduces productivity, slows down the work of others who are using network to do work. For these reasons and others, you must not access any internet sites that are not directly work related. It is considered a serious breach of security and it is consider theft of computer resources and time. Acce ssing the internet for personal reasons will be considered misconduct and will be treated as such within MSI’s disciplinary policy. DO NOT shop online, check banking information or view non MSI emails, or use computer resources for personal business.
  • MSI w ill maintain a list of authorized web sites that you are permitted to access using MSI work stations. All other access of websites or files is explicitly prohibited. You may make written request to our Compliance Officer to add or delete authorized sites. Written authorization from the Compliance Officer must be received before you may accessing a site.
  • Use of your personal laptops, cell phones, smart phones, PDA’s, etc must be limited to times that you are “off the clock”, that is, when on breaks, lunch , before you clock in, or after you clock out. You may use personal devices to connected to the internet via the separate wireless internet access point provided by MSI so that you might access the internet for personal use.
  • Never use your personal devic es for business purposes. Never copy client / patient or any company or work related information to your personal digital or photographic devices.
  • If you have any questions as to this policy please make a written request for clarification regarding a speci fic web site you would like to access BEFORE accessing using MSI computers. MSI will respond in writing to your site you would like to access BEFORE accessing using MSI computers. MSI will respond in writing to your inquiry. DO NOT access a web site until you have written authorization. Ignorance of the policy or procedure for inquiry. DO NOT access a web site until you have written authorization. Ignorance of the policy or procedure for personal use of computers is nopersonal use of computers is no excuse for violating this policy.excuse for violating this policy.
  • Please refrain from saving personal documents and photos on your computer or MSI’s server. These items will be deleted by IT and management without notice. MSI is not responsible for any hardship caused by the deletion o f personal items stored on our database.
  • MSI can not be held reliable if you violate this policy and your personal information is compromised.
  • Personal computer usage should be limited to scheduled breaks on the designated terminals or wireless internet.
  • All work related data should be stored in the user drive on the server and not at your work station

Loans to and between employees:
MSI discourages the practice of employees from loaning money to each other. Should you decide to lend or borrow from a colleague in spite of this discouragement, please note that these transactions must be handled outside of MSI and must not affect your work. MSI will not interject in any disputes that arise. Under no circumstances may a manager, team leader, or supervis or ever ask for or loan money to someone that reports to them. MSI has a strict policy against pay advances or other loans to employees or others.

Personal Property: MSI cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of employees’ personal property. It is unwise to leave such property unattended.

Housekeeping: MSI aims to promote and maintain not only a safe working environment, but a clean and professional one. Please share this concern by taking pride in the neatness of your working area and general surroundings. The responsibility to maintain a clean work environment is that of all employees. Repetitive failure to maintain a clean environment will result in disciplinary action.

Employee Reviews: Each new employee must complete a 90 days training and probationary period. At the end of your
probation, you will receive a performance review by your manager or supervisor based on the following general areas:

  1. Attendance
  2. Attitude
  3. Overall Job Performance
  4. Initiative
  5. Responsibility

If an employee fails to meet MSI’s standards, the probationary period may be extended or reinstated at any time for an additional 90 days. Additional employee reviews are conducted about once a year. Reviews may be scheduled in the first December or April that is 12 months after your last review.