On the desktop on the computer you will see two diamond shape

The dark blue one runs the (please see image below)

Which should always be left open so it can run automatically
If we have to run it manually you hit the blue diamond first then the lite blue one

The lite blue one is where auto loader is programmed.

When you hit configure it lets you change the time of the download.
The Destination Directory should never be changed and enable file should always be yes.

To change the file name of where the file are going, which is VPN shared-others-OzLink for UPS-2020-Jan
for now you hit the settings button, next to the UPS symbol on the Auto loader.

The 5th box down is where you change the month. ***Nothing else should be changed

In the VPShared-others-OzLink for UPS-2020-Jan folder you will see

If you see a gif file it means there is a signature

The .htm files look like this

The blue boxes are where their name and signature is

If you know the tracking number you are trying to find you just hit *and the last 4 numbers