1. Go to https://pcaservicesandbilling.pcaphl.org/login/.
  2. Enter Username and Password
  3. Provider Service Order- Will see a customer’s account if theres a new SO untouched.
    1. Tick name of the customer > click Display Selected Items to print
    2. Service Order Form will be displayed
  4. Open CSRWS and Access/Promise
  5. On Access click on RX Tab, copy the L:\900012345\ServiceOrder_7-4-2019.TIF
  6. Go back to website > Print Primo PDF (write click to print) > save as (paste the L drive file name but change the document type to PDF (L:\900012345\ServiceOrder_7-4-2019.PDF)
  7. Get all information
    1. PCA Number – This is what we put on CSRWS as InsPlan ID for PCA (newCons)
    2. Quantity * Amount – Quantity per product * amount
      1. Give the least expensive product if possible
    3. Check Date Range (Start-End Date)
  8. Go back to Access/Promise > DR/CM Tab > Enter APA
  9. Add New> Ins PlanID> Select an APA> Effecttive Date (calendar) > Expiration Date (calendar) > Cycle Date (InTheMonth)> AuthNumber (Plan#) > HCPCs> QTY Limit> Dollar Limit> Copy Paste PDF file name on top of SelectAFileName > Update APA> Save APA

**If theres more than 1 HCPC to add, just Update APA,til everything is added > Save APA**

10. Take note in Access/CSRWS (if possible to make sticky notes, do not forget to remove the old sticky to avoid confusion. Do not forget to put Needs POC in FO Note.