Possible question depending on the scenario

Missing Orders:

  1. Track the order Via UPS. Make sure that all boxes are tagged as delivered.
  2. Ask for the items included on the order, listen closely to what the consumer is saying. Try not to interrupt but take down everything that you think is important like the quantity and the items they received.
  3. Make a comparison on how heavy the items are on the previous months order given that those tracking numbers have correct items versus the current order.
  4. Probing Questions:
    1. What items are you expecting on your shipment?
    2. How many boxes you received?
    3. What is in the box?
    4. What tracking number did you get? (for multiple boxes)
    5. If unsure of the products received, a barcode is available on all products, please ask the last 5 digits of the barcode, that should be the products ID.

it all depends on what happened, was it our fault that the order was not correct, in this case we would send order right away and also send call tag for the wrong item we sent. if the consumer asked for that item it is up to them to get the order back to msi so we can send another item. if the order was lost or stolen we send right away, but ask them to report any stolen order to police for insurance purposes. if cons says that they did not get order and it’s been more that a week we call ups and have investigation started and resent order while we wait for investigation.

Explanation of Benefits:

  1. I received a bill from Medicare. It says I need to pay for my incontinence supplies.
    1. Listen closely, if cons said it is from Medicare, normally this insurance will send a letter indicating the things that they only cover and incontinence supplies are not part of the coverage- Explanation of Benefits
    2. Let the consumer also know that we will still continue sending the supplies to them given that they are active with Medicaid.
    3. Explain to cons that when we send supplies we sent the bill 1st to HMO, Medicare, Medicaid (CHC, MCO) as last resort
    4. Denial Letter is different from Copay

Assignment of Benefits / Authorization for release of information

  1. I receive a form that needs consumer signature.
    1. Can you tell me what is the letter head?
    2. As an ECP (POA, Relatives) can I sign the AOB form in behalf of the consumer?
      1. Yes,