The contents of this notice will be added to the warehouse procedures and employee-training manual.

Procedure for Wrapping a Stack of Boxes onto a Skid with Plastic Wrap.

When a stack of boxes is ready to be shipped, it should be wrapped with shrink wrap to help prevent boxes from falling or the stack from toppling.

  1. Carefully move the stack to a clear area. There should be 3 to 4 feet of clearance between the skid and any other obstacle. This will help prevent you from hitting or tripping on objects while you are focused on shrink-wrapping.
  2. Pull 3-5 feet of plastic off of the roll. Adjust the tension of the plastic wrap dispenser if necessary. Proper tensioning of the dispenser is critical for assuring a tight wrap around the skid. If you are unsure about how much tension to use, ask your supervisor for assistance. Insert the end of the plastic wrap between the skid and one of the bottom boxes, so that the end will be held by the box and skid.
  3. Wrap the bottom layer of boxes by slowly walking around the skid at least one and one-half times. Be sure to partially wrap the skid itself to help insure that the boxes cannot slide off of the skid.
  4. Once the bottom layer of boxes is properly wrapped, wrap each layer of boxes by continually walking around the skid and elevating the plastic wrap. When completed the plastic wrap should spiral up to the top of the skid. Each revolution of the plastic wrap should overlap the lower revolution by approximately 2-3 inches. If you are wrapping a heavy stack of boxes then proceed to step 5 otherwise skip to step 6.
  5. Wrapping Heavier than Normal Stacks
    Instead of ending the wrap at the top, wrap the skid at least one full revolution at the top and then walk around the skid while lowering the roll of plastic wrap. As in your upward spiral each revolution of wrap should overlap the higher revolution by approximately 2-3 inches.
  6. Finishing the wrap
    When you reach the top (or bottom) of the stack of boxes, overlap the top layer of plastic by at least one-half revolution. Cut or carefully rip the plastic wrap and then press the end of the plastic wrap to the lower layer of plastic.
  7. Visually Inspect the Stack
    Visually inspect the skid and plastic wrap to ensure that the plastic wrap forms a continuous reasonably tight cocoon around the entire stack. If there are any significant gaps in the plastic, fill in these gaps by wrapping the missing area with at least one and one-half turns of plastic.

Removing boxes from a layer above your reach.

Notice – when removing boxes from a stack above your normal reach, you must use a step stool or ladder.

  • Never jump to pull a box off of a skid.
  • Never climb on nearby stacks to pull items down from a skid.
  • Never climb a chair, box or anything except a ladder or step stool.
  • Never pull a box down using any object.

Please take the extra time to be safe. Management is aware that using a proper stool or ladder is often more time consuming, but your safety and prevention of damage to the products is more important than the few seconds that you will save by improperly removing boxes from a tall stack.

Possible Disciplinary Action

Failure to follow the instructions in this notice, or any other procedure, will result in disciplinary action. This action could include verbal and written warnings, suspensions from work, and even dismissal. Disregard for company policies, especially policies involving your, and your coworker’s, safety, will be treated severely.