24.This screen will appear at this time, write down the Total Txns, Total Accept Txn. Next, write down the Total Accept Charges. All claims that was rejected has to be reviewed and worked on inside the new billing work station.

25. Click on the small box on the left side of one of the TXN files, then press the archive selected button.

26. The system will ask you “do you want to achieve this file?” Press “Yes”.

27.Click the close button.

28. The start the Start menu.

29. Click on the BillingDocs (\\sbse2) (v:)

30 Select the expert billing log spreadsheet.

31. Find the PA submissions tab at the bottom of the page. At this time, you’re going to put the date you submitted the 837 file on (Sub date). The amount of claims that were sent, rejected & accepted. The total amount accepted, you initials.

Sub date- 04/04/2014
Total Claims- 671
Rejected- 4
Accepted- 667
Value Accepted- $84,525.98
Note- TB

Once you have enter all the information, press save and exit spreadsheet.