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1. It manages and monitors employees attendance and break schedules.
2. This tool is being used mainly for live call customer support and processes.
3. It can also be used to view customers demographics and insurance information as well as claim status tracking and re-submission.
4. It can be used as resource for patient eligibility, benefits and claim statuses.
5. Used mainly as an email application.
6. The main tool used for messaging and other types of communication (making calls) within the company or with consumers and providers.
7. Web bases tool to check eligibility of Medicaid consumers as well as check physicians information and resubmission of claims that's about to reach deadline filing.
8. Primary source for providers NPI, Taxonomy no. address of practice and their contact #.
9. Web based tool used for tracking product delivery statuses.
10. It is where one finds the company's rules, policies, protocols for employees to strictly

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