Welcome to your PAMA

1. What is the first step in order for one to do billing in PAMA?
2. It is where you paste all the information required for PAMA billing.
3. What does DOS stands for?
4. Typically we do not work on denied claims however if the denied claim for the gloves is more than 6 months from DOS we can still reprocess the claim as an original claim.
5. After all the necessary fields/lines are filled out and still finds red marks. What does this tell you?
7. If you get a denial from PAMA website: has private insurance, no insurance payment, or dental indicated what does this mean? Choose the right answer below
6. When do we process a denied claim anymore.
8. It is the carrier code for the health partners.
9. How do we know if the consumer has private or commercial insurance?
10.What does A4927 stands for?

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