Doctor Office

  • Review notes, patient information and RX information thoroughly before calling.
  • Be pleasant, and understanding that the doctor’s office is a busy place, but this is important for the patient.
  • Confirm if RX was received at the office.
    • If it WAS, politely ask when we should expect it returned so we can keep the patient up to date.
    • If it was NOT, inquire about the more efficient way to make sure the office receives it (attention to, alternate fax number, better day of the week, etc.).
    • If you are calling because of the returned RX with an issue, be appreciative that the RX was sent back at all. Then politely explain the issue and how the office can fix it.
    • Accurate, thorough, and professional are more important than quantity. Number of calls will increase in time.

Consumer/ Caregiver Update

  • Consumer/Caregiver must be updated once a week on the status of their patients RX and how it is affecting their order ship date.
  • Discuss wit the consumer MSI’s attempts to communicate with the doctor’s office and encourage them to expedite the RX request.
  • Reassure the consumer/caregiver that we are putting forth every effort to get them their order and will continue to do so.

Care Managers

  • Care Managers must be contacted every two weeks on the status of their patients RX.
  • Remember the point of this is to keep the CM informed of the status of their patient’s supplies and the MSI is making every effort to supply the product to their patient.
  • IF the CM offers assistance, you can suggest they expedite the RX. Do not ask them to assist, unless they offer. Our goal is to maintain a positive relationship with CM for future referrals. Some CM’s will go out their way for the patient, others just want updates, so follow their lead.


  • Always leave detailed and accurate notes.
  • Read the note before you save it. Make sure anyone who handles this consumer can understand the steps that were taken and be able to communicate with doctor’s office, patients, etc. with an understanding of what has been done already.
  • Our notes are medical records, make sure they are professional and factual. Do NOT include your opinions on people or events.
  • Remember, IF IT IS NOT WRITTEN IT NEVER HAPPENED! Make sure you insure your work and the integrity of MSI through your notes.

Mock Follow ups

  • At this time the trainer will go through a brief training sessions to give representatives a better idea on how a standard follow call up may go.