1. Look at the order numbers. Group the ones that are identical. Look at the notes and see if the gloves have been paid. If the gloves have been paid, proceed to the next group of similar oder Ids.
  2. If the gloves have not been paid yet, start looking at the existing insurance providers. Please take note that you cannot rely on copy pasting the MA service program recipient number from the spreadsheet.
  3. Start copy pasting the insurance provider numbers in the proper fields, starting with medicare part B and so on.
  4. For gloves, $14.70 means that there are 2 unit of gloves that need to be billed which equates to $22.80 and $7.35 means that there is one unit of gloves which to $11.40.
  5. Posting date is also equal to the paid date for insurances.
  6. Payments can also be partial payments from insurances.
  7. Write notes on the note field.

Lastly see notes on PA MA billing as guide.