11. After successfully creating the order, another line of order will be added to cons recent orders in the new CSRWS. Notice that the order date is the same date the agent created the order.

Notice that you will also see this bold red note below. This tells you that the order has been created and sent to the warehouse.

12. At this point, you are done creating the current order and it has been sent to the warehouse for processing. Now, make sure that the reminder dates for all the “X” and “Y” items for the NEXT MONTH order are the same.
– Again, be mindful of the WAIVER ITEMS if they are to be sent along with the order, OR if they should be pushed to a week prior as per the authorized months stated in the service order. This impacts the payment and denial of the waiver billing.

– Take note of the “Y” items and click the Set All Y Dates button.

  • Do not forget to do the same for the “X” items and click the Set All X Dates button.

13. Take note of your completed cons# then click the Exit button. You are now ready to process another cons order.

Fixing the ORANGE/RED boxes

Ideally, all the boxes in the cons future order creation page should be colored “GREEN”. This means that an order is good to process and order can be sent out for the month. But, if one of the boxes turned YELLOW or RED, then watch out first as there could be an issue that needs to be fixed before an order can go out. Otherwise, you will not be able to create an order. You would know because the Create Order button will not activate.

Two of the most common issues are ELIG and RX nearing expiration. Next would be either the Consent box, Demographics box or the POC box.

What to do if the RX box is ORANGE?

Be mindful of the date when the RX will expire versus the date the order is required to be sent out. If you are processing an order today and you see that the RX box is ORANGE, it indicates that the current RX is about to expire and we need to send another RX request. This ensures that cons will receive supplies without any interruption by securing another prescription from the doctor.

It is advisable to finish creating the order first before making the reminder date for sending the RX request.

If the RX box is RED, this means the RX has expired and an order cannot be sent out for that current month.

Follow these steps for a quick fix. If a problem still persists, please check with your mentor:

  1. Click the Rx Send Req button. A small window will pop up.

2. Change the default date to Today’s date (Open the calendar on the right and click Today button)
– Click Send Fax button and then click OK to close the window. This will then close the entire cons order creation page.

3. Go back to that same cons order creation page by clicking the cons#. Make sure the arrow is pointed to the same cons# you are currently working on.

4. Click the Create New RX request button. The Physician RX Request window will pop up.

5. Click the Create RX and Fax button. A quick copy of the RX form will pop up. Wait for it to close automatically, then click the Close Form button.

A confirmation window will pop up, then click Yes. a PDF record of the RX will then be saved in the database.

6. Close the form and then click Refresh button.

7. Double click the RX check line to enable editing the RX reminder date.Move the reminder date to a week prior the next month’s order.

In this figure, the order should be sent out on 3/21 so the system automatically set the next month’s reminder date on 4/21. For the RX check, we will move the reminder date to a week prior to 4/21 which is around 4/12(considering the closest business day)

8. Click the Update Item button to save the reminder date.

What to do if the ELIG box is RED?

It is very important to fix the ELIG box and turn it to GREEN before proceeding with creating the order. The system will never allow you to create an order if the ELIG box is RED.

Follow these steps for a quick fix. If a problem still persists, please check with your mentor:

  1. Click the View Cust Elig button. The Customer Eligibility Table will pop up.

2. Delete the previous month’s manual eligibility certification entries by pressing Delete key on your keyboard.

In this figure, let us say this is for the month of March. The problem could be caused by the truncated manual eligibility certification entry made last February, so we delete that entry, the let us see if it does the trick.

3. Close the Customer Eligibility Table and then click Refresh button. Watch as the ELIG box turns green.

4. Once the ELIG box (and all other boxes) turns green, you can now proceed with the steps on creating/printing the order.