The new billing system is driven by the order. If you know the order id you will be able to bring up all
the consumer information in the system

The screens:
Order Issues:
1. Overview:

  • Divided by all “Group Descriptions” – Insurance plans from the CSR Workstation.
  • If the Group Description has any orders with issues they will appear on this screen.
  • Quick way to see insurances that have problems.
  • Prioritize insurances with the greater number of issues and by insurances’ that reimburse our products.
  • There are two types – Issues and Attention Needed.
    • Issues – pre-billing issues, cleaning the data before it goes to the insurance (scrubbing)
    • Attention Needed are orders that have been billed and we have either received a rejection or never received a response from the insurance.

2. How to:

  • Click the column next to the Group Description that you want to work.
  • Top Middle of the screen is a gray button labeled Update List.
  • To the right of the Update List button are 3 sections
    • Show All – shows issues and attention needed issues
    • Show Attention Needed – shows ONLY attention needed issues
    • Show Issues Only – shows ONLY issues
  • Click the selection you want and then click Update List
  • You will now be presented with a list of orders that meet the criteria that you selected.
  • The list provides you with the following:
    • Order
    • Billed Date
    • Status – issue with the order
    • Category – for future use
    • Quick Note – information provided by another Biller that has already looked at the issue.
  • You are able to sort the list by any of the columns by clicking on the heading.
    • To work on the orders is the list
      • Click the column next to the order number

This will take you to the Customer Review Screen where you will be able to look at the details of the order, the customer and the insurances in which claims were sent and received.

3. Once you have resolved the issue:

  • Click on Add View Notes (Upper Left of the Customer Review Screen) – enter the cause of the issue and what you did to fix it.
  • Click Remove Order from Issues Table button (Mid Screen Right of the Customer Review Screen) – this will remove the issue from the Orders Issue Table. If your actions did not resolve the issue once your changes have been processed then the order will be re-added to the Orders Issues Table, so always remove the issue once you worked it.