1. Before the account is terminated, make sure you’ve taken every possible action to help out the customer.
    • Follow the Complaint and Procedure Selection Guides to help you.
      • If unable to get the resolution:
        1. The issue must be documented
        2. The proper representative must be notified immediately.
          • Do not terminate any consumer’s account until the proper steps have been taken. The representative will follow up on the situation and make the appropriate changes if applicable.

2. Put note in the consumer’s account. 

3. Select the applicable “Hold Code for the consumer’s account.

  • If none of the specific reason codes apply, then choose “HTFN”.
  • If unsure of which hold to choose, please ask.

4. Stop orders from generating future.

  • Go into the “Future Orders” table, and select the “Auto to N” button.
  • i. By selecting this button, representatives will be turning all of the products in the order to “NO”. This will stop orders from generating on any list form the Future Order’s Table.
  • ii. Representative should now note that the auto section on the Future Order’s Table now reads “N” for No.

5. If a consumer has passed away, or is inactive, representatives should  enter the “TermDate” for all of the active insurance at that time. 

  • In the “Ship To” tab, select the “Edit Customers” button.
  • Enter the date the consumer passed away.
    • i. If representative were not given the exact date, simply enter the note was taken.
    • ii. Select the “Edit Customers” button again to get out of the edit screen.
  • Refresh the system.

6. If there are any outstanding prescription requests, representatives need to chat the appropriate person to have them deleted.

7. The representative deleting the prescriptions should verify that the requests were deleted from all of the following areas:

  • The RX Tab
  • The Future Orders Table
  • The RX list
    • i. To get to this list representatives need to go into Promise’s Main Form and select the “Order Processing” Icon.
    • ii. Select the “Open RX request” Icon, Located in the picture below:

iii. The RX list will populate, from here representatives should locate the consumer and delete the request from the table.