100 Shipping

200 Ordering

300 Inventories

400 Receiving

500 Returns

600 Safety/operations

Section 100 Shipping

Procedure 101: UPS World Ship Procedure

Open computer, in order to do this you must enter password. When computer opens you will see UPS world ship icon you must left click with the mouse this will open the UPS shipping program. In the tool bar, click “ups online connect” select ” keyed import” and select “promise 1”, this will open an import key window. Scanner, each order has an order Id number that must be scanned. After the Id number is scanned it will appear in the import key window along with name and address of the customer you are shipping to.

Procedure 102: Picking and packaging

When picking orders you will see a stock number and an itemized list of material that will need to be added to the shipment. Items are located in three warehouse locations, front middle and back. When picking orders pay close attention as some materials and item numbers are very similar. Orders are placed on carts with customer address facing down and brought back to shipping station for packaging. Depending on the size of the order you will be required to select the appropriate size carton for the shipment. Items are placed in cartons taped securely and placed on scale and ready to scan and ship. It is imperative to pack each carton with accuracy and care. Each carton will be packaged with as much material as possible to secure the shipment from damage, meaning if the carton is not full the carton will crush and damage will accrue to items in the cartons. After cartons are packed, scanned and shipped they are placed on pallets no higher than 8 feet and are loaded on the UPS truck for pick up at the end of each workday. When loading UPS truck you must open the bay door safety gates then load the truck.

Procedure 200 Warehouse Ordering

MSI orders product from 3 manufacturer’s: Essidy, Attends, and McKesson.
To determine what is needed, an inventory of all products must be done. This inventory can be compared to weekly sales to estimate necessary products, then a purchase order needs to be generated.

The Accounts Payable Department will generate the purchase orders and issue a list called an “Open Purchase Order List” when needed.

Procedure 201 Placing Orders

Choose the next consecutive number from the Purchase Order List and place on the order, also write appropriate vendors name next to the number on the list.

***Every order must have a purchase order number before being submitted.***

ESSIDY– orders will be faxed to Kathryn Brown at 1-800-752-0641. She will then e-maila confirmation letter to us. If there are any questions her # is 1-800-992-9939 ext 14 Orders received by 5:00 p.m. Central Time will be entered the same day. Modifications to an order may be made up to 24 hours prior to scheduled shipment; however such modifications are subject to delivery delay. The fax must be stamped and dated immediately after faxing. 7-day lead-time

ATTENDS– orders will be faxed to Glen Brown at 1-800-933-8433. If there are any questions his # is 1-800-428-8363 ext 8604 The fax must be stamped and dated immediately after faxing. 7-day lead-time

MCKESSON – orders can be placed online. To place an order online, go to www.mckesson.com Our orders ship on Thursday to deliver on Friday

Once the order is placed, a copy of the order must be given to Mark Saltis, who will generate an official PO and return two copies to the warehouse. Once the purchase order is received in full, it is stapled to the bill of lading and returned to Mark Saltis for payment.

Procedure 300 Inventory

All the products that we sell are listed on the inventory sheets. Copies are kept on the clipboard on the wall in the warehouse office.

When doing weekly inventory for orders, start in the big warehouse and work your way back to staging area where the boxes are packed. Most of the products should be able to be counted as a full skid unless skids are broken into, then the product needs to be counted as individual cases. A loose bag or an open case does not need to be counted. An estimate can be written on the larger open skids. Example; ½ or ¾ of a skid. Exact accuracy is not as important here. The inventory will then be entered into the computer and an order will be generated. Every order must have a purchase order number before submitting.

When doing an End of Month or End of year inventory, please be as accurate as possible. If there are loose bags, count them as, example; 2 bags out of a case of 8 would be written 2/8 in the boxes column on the inventory sheet.

Ordering Warehouse Supplies


We order our supplies through three vendors; United packaging, Uline, and Valley Forge Containers.

UNITED PACKAGING– orders may be called in to Rose Monachelli at 215-633-0700 fax number -215-633-9337 Must have purchase order number, how many cases of packing tape, shrink wrap, and the number of bundles of bubbles needed. 2-3day lead-time

ULINE– orders are called in at 1-800-295-5510 Must have purchase order number. These products are for the sample room. Mailing bags, adhesive strip bags, sealer service kits boxes. 3-day lead-time

VALLEY FORGE CONTAINERS– orders for our boxes are placed by phone to Kristen at 610-489-8740. Must have purchase order number. 7-day lead-time

Section 400 Receiving Shipments

All packing lists must be pulled when receiving a shipment. Pull the packing slips from the shipment, compare the packing list to the purchase order, and then compare the actual delivery to make sure there is nothing missing. Staple the packing slip, purchase order and bill of lading together. If anything is missing, highlight it on the purchase order and place it back on the clipboard on the wall. A phone call should be placed to the vendor to determine whether or not the missing product is back ordered.

Damaged Shipments:
Will be inspected and if damaged by UPS, we will file a damaged shipment claim. If material is reusable we will use as sample, s. If damaged to the point ware material cannot be used it will be disposed of.

On the shelves in the office are binders, which contain recent purchase orders. Purchase orders should be stamped “received in full”, dated, initialed and filed with newest PO on top. Any open PO’s should not be filed.

Contact the appropriate manufacturer to determine when we should receive the remainder of the shipment.

Section 500 Return Shipments

McKesson Return Goods Policy

This policy applies unless you have a contract providing terms. We reserve the right to reject any Return that does not comply with the terms of this Policy. Returns of non-McKesson brand items and vendor directs” are subject to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer and may be at customer’s expense.

Custom Items, Patient Home Direct, Kaumographed and Embroidered Textiles, are not returnable. However we will accept a Return of any item for full credit if we shipped in error or if the item is defective or damaged. All other discretionary Returns are subject to a restocking fee (see below).

Authorization and a Returned Goods Authorization Number (RGA) are required for all Returns and may be obtained by calling McKesson’s Return Goods Department at 1-888- 822-8111. An RGA Number is valid for 60 days after issuance. Any Return after the 60-day period has expired is not authorized and will not be issued credit.

Returns may be rejected because of the physical condition of the items. Specifically(a) only items in full, complete and unopened cases with original packaging are returnable, (b) items with “piggyback labels” (c) nutrients are returnable only if returned more than six months before their expiration date, (d) expired items are not returnable, and (e) items otherwise in an unsalable condition due to improper storage, spoilage, or damaged packaging are not returnable.

If a Return is for your convenience (in other words, not the result of McKesson’s error, defect or damage), then you will be charged a restocking fee based on the number of days that elapsed since invoice date:

Return from Date of Invoice

0-30 days
31-60 days
61-120 days
121-180 days
6 months or greater

Fee as a % of the Invoice Amount

0%      +freight
10%     +freight
20%     +freight
30%     +freight
not returnable

Customer will not be charged freight on Returns that are the result of McKesson error, defect or damage. In all other situations (i.e.: a discretionary return on your part, your error, overstock at your facility) Customer will be responsible for pre-paying freight charges unless McKesson issues call tags or a bill of lading. (freight charges will be deducted from the credit amount).