One of MSI’s requirements for ALL STATE Medicaid consumers, is a presence of an prescription from their primary physician’s office. MSI being the DME provider/supplier is responsible in obtaining a prescription from the consumer’s Primary Physician, which can either be requested via mail, e-mail or fax.

When does a consumer need an RX?

  1. If the consumer is new and would like to start services to MSI
  2. If a consumer needs an increase in the amount of the items
  3. If a consumer needs to change the supplies
    1. Pull-ups to Diapers
    2. Size Change from Medium Pull up to Large Pull up

*** most of the time, a style change or size change, denotes a change in the HCPC code. Any changes in HCPCs which are not present on the consumers existing up to date prescription would require a new prescription to be reissued by the PCP. (see #5)

4. If the consumer’s old prescription is already expired
5. If the consumer requests for additional items not written on the current prescription
6. If the consumer has a new PCP or there are changes with the PCP’s information
7. If the consumer moved to another state that is serviceable by MSI

Most of MSI’s consumers came from Pennsylvania and as a requirement of Pennsylvania Medicaid, only Licensed Medicaid Doctors can sign a script for Pennsylvania Medicaid consumers. To check if a doctor is active with Medicaid, we need to obtain the Doctor’s Medical License Number. To get this, CSR can visit or , just put in the name of the doctor and the state. It is necessary for us to get National Provider ID number and Medical License Number.