1. MS Access
  2. CSR WS
  3. Order Processing
  4. Future Order Processing
  5. To date then from date (no time) then update list
  6. Odd/Even – Tandem
  7. Click the price codes (Alleg 2, AO 2, Countries 3, MCaid PA, MCO PA, Options 2, Pa/Ma,PCA)
  8. Fo Note should be: “Ready or POC Done”
  9. Choose cons # (double click)
  10. Check Notes – poc, elig.
  11. Fo Detail, cons demographics, poc, elig, rx on file, apa status should be all “Green”
  12. Click small box – Notes section then refresh
  13. “Create Order” button
  14. “Save Order”
  15. “Send to WH” and click ok
  16. Wait for the thank you letter to pop up]
  17. Order Form – pack slip (wait until it close)
  18. Proceed to Calendar – near notes section and copy the reminder date
  19. Set all “Y Dates”
  20. If the MSI Privacy Letter = this month (put a check together with the order)
  21. X items should be the same with the reminder date.
  22. Note the completed cons # then exit.