Download the file from faxage

  1. Go to

2. Log in on your account

3. When you already log in on the faxage, you will see two (2) faxage number (610-521-7404 and 610-537-3206), aside with these 2 faxage number is an arrow. Click either of the 2 arrows to start the download.

4. To start the download, click the icon (paper with feather ) beside the fax number

TAKE NOTE that when you download faxes from your faxage account it will not reflect on the other faxage account. Need to write down the last fax number that you download, so that the next person who will do/use the fax intake program, will know what should be the 1st to download.

5. Once you start downloading, it will go to the downloads at the upper right of the website.

6. After downloading the faxes, click download This will show you the list of all the faxes that you downloaded. Click the folder icon to start transferring the files.