Faxage System

1. After you transfer the faxes from Rx Faxage folder to Tempfile, you can start entering all faxes

    1.1. Log in System faxage (Note:only tight access 109 has this program)

    1.2. Click the filename you will see here all the faxes that you transfer.

    1.2.1.You can start entering by opening the fax, look for the barcode in the upper right of the prescription Enter the barcode number in the Fax ID NUmber

     1.3 When you’re done entering the faxes, exit at the Fax Filename and Click the Fax Intake

    1.4 You can start now the process of fax intake:

  • Check if the following is present: DIAGNOSIS CODE, NUMBER OF REFILLS, DRS SIGNATURES and DATE.
  • If you are not sure on the signature of the Doctor, you can compare it to the OLD RX that we have. Find it on the “Previous Files” (lower right).
  • When you are sure on the Drs Signature, you can change the RX STATUS from “Initial” to “OK”, add the Date and refills then click Save Fax.

    NOTE: The DATE has pattern which is (01/01/2000). For instance you put (01/5/2020), you can enter the RX because the date doesn’t match it’s pattern. Also, when you put the refills, the RX TO DATE will automatically have the expiry date.

  • If you encounter some problem on the RX while checking, for example Missing Refills, Diagnosis Code Issue, Not Dr Signature etc,. Just change the RX status according to the issue then click Save Fax.