1. When we received a fax and it is not on the list of our consumer. It means that is a new consumer.

    NOTE:There are different kinds of fax fore new cons. For example, original prescription from the Drs Ofc, Referral Form, Service Order etc.

2. To save this file, click the “Save a Copy” > VPN Shared File Server > Operations > CSR > > NEW CONSUMERS and INTAKES > Intake Forms > Click the year (for this time it’s 2020 folder) > Click the current month that you received the file > Click the folder with the file name : NEW CONS REFERRAL-NO 9# YET > then Save the file.

3. You can delete now the file in the Filename since you already save the file in the new cons folder. (Right click then delete)


1. To save and OLD RX, Click NonTX File. Fill out everything and put OLD RX in the file type then click Save Filename

2. You will see this in Fax Intake > NonRX File/s. Just open the file then click Save NonRX File.


  • We can also save other files in NonRX File, including AOB, SERVICE ORDER, ORIGINAL RX, etc. Just put the file name according to what file it is.