To ensure compliance with the CSA standard B335-94 (Forklift Operator Training),

an assessment by the employer is required to confirm a minimum acceptable level of competence. A demonstration of operator skills and Medical/ Physical fitness is required. Please review the following requirements. If it is your opinion after evaluating the operator as per the requirements outlined that they meet the requirements outlined that they meet the requirements please sign and return this form with the test. Students must also sign this document to indicate their compliance to the minimum standard prior to returning this form.

Operating Testing

Trainees shall be exposed to a practical operating test to demonstrate their skill and understanding of the safe operation of the forklift truck to which they are assigned. The operational test shall include the following items.

  1. Operation of the forklift within safety limits – as defined by the employer and/or the forklift manufacturer.
  2. Operating techniques – startup procedures, driving, use of controls, stopping, parking, mounting and dismounting the forklift etc.
  3. Basic principles of forklift handling – manoeuvring a loaded/unloaded forklift with forks or attachments in position, forward and in reverse, in a confined area, etc.
  4. Basic principles of load handling – insertion and withdrawal of forks and attachments without damaging the load, stacking and destacking etc.
  5. Basic principles of loading and unloading – transport vehicles, structures & elevators.

Medical and Physical Fitness

  1. Have vision of not less than 20/40 in the better eye and have good judgement of space including height and distance. If corrective lenses are required to comply with the above, the candidate shall always wear them while operating the forklift.
  2. Be able to distinguish colour, if colour differentiation is required on the assigned job.
  3. Have the ability to hear warning signals. As in the case of eyesight requirement, if the trainee requires a hearing aid to pass the examination, it shall be worn all the time while operating the forklift.
  4. Have full movement of the trunk, neck, upper and lower limbs, and have the strength, endurance, agility, and coordination to meet the demands of the job.